Imagine Paradise: Togean Islands

It all started far away from Sulawesi, where the Togean Islands are located. I was in Alor and met a Scandinavian diver. He has been in Indonesia several times and has dived in quite a few great dive destinations (in Indonesia and other parts of the world). Naturally, one question I always seem to bring up is where he thinks is the best destination. Without consideration and very confident he said, “Togean. ..It’s what you imagine paradise would be”. Apart from the irony that (as often happens) I am informed by a foreigner about my own country, now imagine, I was in Alor in a small heavenly island which I thought was quite paradise myself. And I had some of the best dive experiences there. Now I’m told that Togean is far far better in all senses than Alor?

Cutting it short, I never would’ve thought that a few months later I was actually in that paradise. Kadidiri Island, one of the many small islands in Togean. It’s now become one of my favorite places. Not only for the dive spots of which you can choose a variety from (muck dive, wall, coral garden, wreck site), but also the picturesque island itself, the clear waters, the white sand, the tall green luscious trees. And especially it’s really really affordable. Nice rooms with porch where you can swing on the hammock including 3x yummy meal. And don’t forget the free flow tea that always warms you after a good dive. The friendly cute dogs which will (literally) guide you to the beach on the other side of the island (I miss you, Dive!). It’s hard not to get hooked on this kind of life.

Though there are many diving spots that have already been discovered, Togean Islands is fairly still unexplored and more new great diving spots are definitely to come. I even heard that they came upon a stingless jellyfish lake located in Togean (to this date only 2 such places are known in the world, one in Kalimantan and one in the Philipines). Just to prove how amazingly potential Togean could be.

“Togean. ..It’s what you imagine paradise would be”. I will always remember that sentence. For me, it definitely is one of the paradises in Indonesia.

Togean Islands-Sulawesi, November 2010.