Storify: Muck Diving

Before I actually had the chance to do it, I had no imagination whatsoever on the term “muck diving” …

Muck diving is done in sandy bottom, usually black sand and rather shallow depth. What u’ll find in muck diving are critters/bottom-dwellers; strange-looking UW creatures that blend w/ the sand. Never thought I would enjoy muck diving much, until..

.. 1st did muck diving in Alor, and was astounded of the underwater animals found among the mud/sand. And then did some muck diving in Lembeh, and was amazed on every single dive. Didn’t wanna leave that place.

The foremost important thing before you decide to go for a muck dive is. You’ve gotta have buoyancy control under your belt:

  1. You don’t want to ruin your dive and everyone else’s, stirring up the visibility by kicking sand whichever way.
  2. Many -if not most- of the creatures that you are there for are bottom-dwellers. You probably don’t wanna squash them.
  3. See point no.2 above. Not squashing anything that might be dwelling on/under the sandy sea is also for your best interest, as you don’t wanna be leaning on urchins, fire corals, hydroid, scorpionfishes, and other venomous critters. Aside from venomous, some of them really look like devilish mutant creatures. That’s true. There’s even one named Devil Scorpionfish. Imagine.

Once you got that covered, let’s talk about muck dive spots. If you want a guaranteed great, amazing, even, muck diving experience.. Lembeh is definitely THE place! I came across hairy frogfish, mimic octopus, wunderpus, flamboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, and many more in Lembeh. Even found what we suspect is a hairy octopus! Unfortunately it was too fast to be caught on camera.

Full a more complete story on Lembeh and its funky critters..

..I will tell you someday.