Bali’s Buffet Bakery

Got lost driving a scooter on my own eventhough I used a GPS -_-”. Since I didn’t have a specific destination anyway, decided to just give up and drive aimlessly following the road, taking turns here and there, hoping to find a sign.

Suddenly passed by a small cute cafe with lots of parked scooters. Turns out it’s a bakery (bread&pastry lover, here) and it was buffet time! All-you-can-eat selected pastries, bread, quiche, pie, cream cheese, chicken-duck liver patty, etc. with hot choco/tea. And they only have it on Saturdays and Sundays. Oh how lucky I am.

I was looking for an actual sign board, but was given another kind of sign; maybe to stuff myself with pastries til 14.30 (buffet closing time 😜). Not bad for IDR 60k.

Now, excuse me while I take my third round of plate. – with myself at Casa D’angelo’s – Bakery & Coffee

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