Happy International Mountain Day 2015!


Happy International Mountain Day! I was never a fan of mountains before. The thought of coldness and freezing wind puts me off. But through a series of unexpected chances, I found myself amidst one of #Himalayas mountain ranges.

We started the day with mist and uncertainty due to the neverending snow, 2 meters visibility, and no other trekkers in sight. But when the mist cleared for 2 minutes, ohh the view, and ohh the feels. Too freaking #majestic, it was one of those moments I could cry just for being there in that moment.

Despite the freezing cold that kept me awake at nights wishing morning would come quick, as soon as I said goodbye to this place, I knew I would long to come back. It was a promise. Hopefully sooner than imagined. Til then, Annapurna.

PS: Nepal made me fall in love with mountains, something I’d never considered before. Haven’t got plans for your next travels yet? I can’t recommend Nepal highly enough. Not only its breathtaking mountains, Nepal’s beautiful people will certainly leave a mark in your heart.

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