Batur and I

Batur and I.

There’s something about Mt.Batur for me. Being in this area brings me feelings of serenity and happiness. Every single time I’ve been up here. And every single time I got a different crazy story from it 😂.

The time we didn’t really get enough sleep, got lost at the start of the journey, almost ran out of gas, got broken brakes, tried to find an alternative entry point, and running out of time; finally gave up & eventually hired a guide to get us to the top fast for sunrise; all this during pitch dark. The hike was no challenge compared to all the struggles to get there and efforts to find a tucked-away entry point we’ve never been before, in total darkness. I’ve learned some lessons.

Another, the time I wanted to do something for myself; drove at 2am, (slipped on the bike in total darkness with only the sound of crickets & other insects however decided to continue), managed to slip through the entry point without being forced to hire a guide, and overcame my fear of heights by going round the crater. All by myself. Granted, Batur is a busy climb route and I was barely ever totally alone during the hike but I was the only one I met that morning who was hiking without a group nor guide. More lessons here, like, you know, make sure you know where you should descend from before people have disappeared 🙈.

And this time; the time my hiking friend doesn’t care much about sunrise climbs, and I just couldn’t get my lazy ass to wake up at 2am to drive in freezing cold darkness, overslept until 5.30am, we decided to go anyway, driving through rain and then 2m visibility of mist (I was so close on giving up), decided to follow through hiking, being the only ones to climb after sunrise through wind & mist, when everyone else have descended. In total, it was me & 1 friend, 2 other hikers somewhere along the route, 2 local women who were closing up the stall, and 4 dogs. Now actually, this was great timing because we had the mountain all for ourselves. No crowds obstructing our view (well, except the mists), no dusts, no constant chatters, and the temperature was actually still chill. It turned out to be a wonderful hike. And aha, another lesson (this time, a less stressful one 😜).

(…I’m gonna leave out the time we only got to drive 1/4th of the way and with heavy hearts had no choice but to turn back 😔. To be honest, I didn’t regret being able to go back to bed, though 😜 #Ilovemysleep)

As we were walking down the path, only us and the mountain, the sound of wind passing through, the mists dancing along the slopes.. it just felt so right that I was there, it felt like I was … in my element. It felt like it just makes sense for me to be there.

Now, I’m not gonna pack up and move to the mountains, yet. But my gut tells me, figuratively and literally speaking 😜, that something that makes me feel this good, something that makes me feel at home, deserves more of my time.

And so, I got reminded of my plan 2 years ago, when I dreamily said, “oh how nice to live in Ubud, I could regularly hike to Batur”. Of course I’d forgotten all about that while living in Ubud this past year 😂. So now that I got reminded how much I need my occasional nature stroll..

Shall we?