A tiny space to share what little I can of things running through my head and senses. Some will make sense, and some might not. Most of which will be about Indonesia, traveling, and the sea.

I might say that I had a life-changing experience ever since I fell in love with Indonesia when I took a long weekend trip a few years ago. To be honest, I never thought much about my home country before, and due to moving around during my childhood thought that traveling wasn’t the life for me. One thing led to another, and now traveling in Indonesia has become one of my big passions. It’s taught me not only about places, people, & cultures but also about being grateful and seeing things through different lenses.

So here I am, currently trying to make up for all those years lost in the corporate world by making more time to do things I enjoy, making time to travel more, read more, learn more. And sharing experiences. I can be found chirping via @kusumorini or @keluaRumah, occasionally chilling out at @GaeaHomes, channeling my passion through @travelingID, or just trying to survive the city town that is Jakarta Ubud.

If not now, when?