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Happy International Mountain Day 2015!


Happy International Mountain Day! I was never a fan of mountains before. The thought of coldness and freezing wind puts me off. But through a series of unexpected chances, I found myself amidst one of #Himalayas mountain ranges.

We started the day with mist and uncertainty due to the neverending snow, 2 meters visibility, and no other trekkers in sight. But when the mist cleared for 2 minutes, ohh the view, and ohh the feels. Too freaking #majestic, it was one of those moments I could cry just for being there in that moment.

Despite the freezing cold that kept me awake at nights wishing morning would come quick, as soon as I said goodbye to this place, I knew I would long to come back. It was a promise. Hopefully sooner than imagined. Til then, Annapurna.

PS: Nepal made me fall in love with mountains, something I’d never considered before. Haven’t got plans for your next travels yet? I can’t recommend Nepal highly enough. Not only its breathtaking mountains, Nepal’s beautiful people will certainly leave a mark in your heart.

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As she was slowly dragging her feet to see the summit behind the rocks, a fellow climber few meters away was also stopping and gazing at the same direction.
“Almost!”, she said.
” Nearly!”, he shouted back.
She replied again, “I think I will cry when I get there”.

And so I did. Sitting at one of the ledges; I just breathed, let the soft morning sunlight warm my face, marveled at this beautiful sight before me, and freely let the overwhelming emotions roll down my cheeks..

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After hearing countless war stories of other people’s experiences trekking Mt.Rinjani, I finally got the chance to taste it myself. I know understand what people mean when they talk about Rinjani and say, “so many times I wanted to give up but I made it to the top”. Oh Rinjani.. you make me feel crazy.
(26/09/2015) – with Terryna

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No trekking anymore for now, so back to running. If this new running track doesn’t motivate me, I don’t know what will. Running has never felt this good. – at Legian Beach

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So much destruction in villages all over Nepal that seeing houses flattened into rubbles now seems to be a common sight. And even in this devastating time, everywhere in different villages I find Nepali people affected by the quake greeting guests with such wide smiles and warmth. Without a home and with limited food, they still manage to offer us tea, sometimes share their meal, and even invite us to their new humble shelters for potatoes freshly plucked from the garden.

It’s a hard and critical time for Nepali’s. Most people currently in Nepal are trying whatever they can to help the ones affected by the quake, dreading the monsoon to come when relief will be more difficult and many will fly out of the country. But for now, this is home to me.

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