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A Stroll on the Himalayas

Namaste! Back in the city after a 10-days trekking workout of what I initially thought would be a casual stroll. But eventually this little green fella made it to Annapurna Base Camp. Would’ve… Continue reading

Saltwater Cure

Sometimes all I need is a little saltwater.. Haven’t done much of this the last year that I almost forgot how good it makes me feel. View on Path

Balicasag Magical Dive

Two of my best dives ever. Unbelievably dreamy crystal blue waters, visibility down to 25 meters and probably more, fishes everywhere you look, uncountable number of turtles, and bits of nice surprises here… Continue reading

Oslo Whalesharks

3 days spent mostly on bus & ferry rides and no proper sleep on bed to spontaneously go to a Masquerade Festival in which I missed the parade of. At the end, an… Continue reading

Batad Amphitheatre Rice Terraces

Yea, I’ve seen rice terraces. Yea, I’ve walked along rice terraces. But this village here is just.. something. Shaped like an amphitheater, these 2000-year old terraces were carved into the mountains and is… Continue reading

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