Fakfak’s Hidden Potentials

Upon hearing West Papua province mentioned in relevance to tourism, the first thing coming to most people’s mind is Raja Ampat. The regency that’s known for its underwater heaven and is the dream… Continue reading

Welcome to Raja Ampat

The vague sound of chirping birds. It was the first thing I sensed when opening my eyelids this morning (16/10/10). Various birds responding to each other with clearer sound started to wake me… Continue reading

Old & Re-New

Due to Multiply closing its blog feature, I finally had to move old posts on my old blog to here. Some of which I have edited again or simply translated from Bahasa Indonesia… Continue reading

Go with the flow: Horses of the Sea

          No matter where, or how often, encounter with the Hippocampus Kuda (seahorse) is always exciting for me. Unlike their counterpart on land -the horse-, seahorses seem so fragile,… Continue reading

Land of the Dragons Part III: Legend of the Dragon Princess

Ini adalah legenda mengenai Putri Naga dari Komodo.   Alkisah jaman dahulu sekali ada seorang putri cantik tinggal di Pulau Komodo. Ia dikenal dengan sebutan Putri Naga. Putri Naga menikahi seorang pria bernama… Continue reading

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