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Fakfak’s Hidden Potentials

Upon hearing West Papua province mentioned in relevance to tourism, the first thing coming to most people’s mind is Raja Ampat. The regency that’s known for its underwater heaven and is the dream… Continue reading

Welcome to Raja Ampat

The vague sound of chirping birds. It was the first thing I sensed when opening my eyelids this morning (16/10/10). Various birds responding to each other with clearer sound started to wake me… Continue reading

Diving Amongst Junk and the Night Life

                For some people, immersing into the deep sea even at bright day light can evoke a feeling of claustrophobia. Now imagine diving in the sea… Continue reading

Diving Raja Ampat

It wouldn’t feel complete visiting Raja Ampat and not diving its underwater beauty. Even though its charm above water is just as stunning, Raja Ampat is known even to foreign countries for its… Continue reading

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